Kokoset’s Box – A world of fun

Kokoset’s Box – A world of fun
14 December, 2017 Cristina Villarroel
El complemento perfecto para las capas y ponchos

Hello everyone!

I’m very happy and grateful to have you following us and reading our blog!

Today I want to talk to you about the box where we pack and send Kokoset’s capes and ponchos.

It all started with the typical idea of how and where we are going to ship our products.

Well, after giving it a lot of thought and after looking at other fashion brand’s packaging, a briefcase type of packaging called my attention. It was very interesting, practical and the perfect size, being able to fit all sizes up to 12.

One of the features I liked the most about the box is that is recyclable and the kids can play wth it and draw on it. I love reusing precious or simple daily items. I always do my best to not discard things and always find a creative way to reuse them.

As a mother of two girls I’ve come to realize how important it is for them that place where they store things that for them are treasures. My daughters have always worn bags or kids clutches (always full just like their mother’s) lol Over the years they have built a cute collection for every occasion.

As I watch them play I’ve notice how they always look for things to store their special things/treasures in, perhaps a lunchbox, a box or a simple bag. They often use it all the time to take their things from one place to the other or to take it to school to play with their friends. As a matter of fact I sometimes buy them a small carry on so that they can transport all their things.

Our Kokoset Packaging especially designed for our capes and ponchos

So, you can imagine how excited I was when I thought of the idea of box that looks like a briefcase. I immediately thought: this box is perfect to carry their Kokoset capes and ponchos.

They cannot only use this box while they play but also to store their hair accessories, scarfs, stockings…toys or any other item that they need to keep close to them.

Inspired by a family anecdote about moving, which I will later share with you, I figured I could leave the boxes to the girls so that they can decorate as they wish. I encourage you and your girls to let your imagination fly, colour, paint and personalize their Kokoset box.

Today I want to share this anecdote, until my next post where I will share news about our new collection…

During the very stressful time of moving to a new home, I thought I was never going to finish opening boxes, so I thought, why not give some boxes to the girls so that they can have fun, so I started finding simple things (packing items) that they could use to play and entertain themselves, like tape, bubble wrap, paper wrap and told them they needed to build a house with the materials I gave them. The result is amazing!!! While I worked unpacking our new home, they had a lovely time decorating their little house. The house became their favorite toy for a long time, not only because it looked great but also because they did it themselves, and there’s no greater satisfaction than achieve goals on your own. Here’s a photo of the house they made.


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