KOKOSET. Our Sweet History

Kokoset was born to fill that need for accessories and children’s clothing for girls that you have always wanted: comfortable, elegant, exclusive and high quality. As a mother I am always looking for my daughters wear, not only the most comfortable and beautiful garment, but also the easiness to pick and wear in order to boost their personality. That is why when designing the capes and accessories of Kokoset I have been careful to choose from the best fabrics and components available, to ensure the high quality finishes for durability over time.

“A magical world for all girls”

My inspiration was born from the illusion of achieving a dream that I always had as a child; to develop my passion for fashion.
As a child I spent afternoons with my grandmother knitting baby shoes. There is not a more beautiful gift than being able to share time with grandparents! Later, as a teenager, I entertained myself by cutting patterns and sewing with my aunt for whom I bear my name. She is an architect by profession; and being a very restless person and a fashion lover, she has always designed elegant and original models. It’s from her that got the love of haute couture fashion, and the good materials for the making of exclusive clothing. It’s for her that I became a passionate of the large fabric stores in Barcelona, where I walk to buy those that are interesting, distinctive that would allow me to make something original.

Finally, after many years, I have dared to undertake this wonderful project.

As a parent, our priorities change as time passes and we always want to give our children the best. When looking for clothes for them I always take into consideration the quality of the finishes and the materials used. That is why I wanted to transmit this natural passion to my exclusive creations, inspired by the love that I profess to my children. You can always trust that you will have a high quality, original and elegant product.

When we thought of the name for the brand, we had several ideas that finally crystallized in Kokoset. During our beginnings and based on what inspires the brand, we looked for names that reflected the metaphor of warmly clothing in our thoughts. Inside the brainstorming was the list of our favorite childhood cuddles, and so Kokoset was born. Inspired by my favorite cookie, Cocosete®, the one I grew up with and still my favorite. A crunchy cookie stuffed with coconut cream that evokes those sweet and fun moments of childhood that we have all had and always keep as a treasure in our memory and in my case evokes the flavors of my land, Venezuela.
Life always takes us to unexpected places. It has taken me to Barcelona, a beautiful city, full of vitality, history, art and culture in which I have raised my family and I have seen my children grow and be happy.


That is why from Barcelona, Kokoset was born with affection for the world.


Kokoset products are designed to fill those fun times of childhood. They will be the fantastic products that your girls will wear for years and will remember as their favorite item, as well as my cookie, which inspired our brand, Kokoset!

The magical world of Kokoset is a world for girls. Inspired by how girls enjoy things as simple as painting and imagining stories, we have designed an illustrated Barcelona map that the girls will get in the box with their Kokoset product. With this map they will be able to play and unleash their imagination and enter a magical world and enchanted dreams where the cape will accompany them at all times. Because Kokoset products are full of surprises; as long as they receive a Kokoset product they will receive a box that they can personalize to their liking and in it to store their most precious treasures. And finally, and as a special gift from me, you will receive a replica of the doll Kokoset, to be their companion and hang on them at all times.


“I hope you enjoy our products made with much affection.”

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